Review: MAC Hue & MAC Creme Cup.

I recently bought a couple of new MAC lipsticks, which are a lot different from the rest of my collection as they are more nude and natural colours, suitable for wearing during the day. I chose creamy finishes because my lips get so dry, and I bought these for work so I didn’t want a matte lipstick drying out my lips instantly.

Hue is a soft pale pink (as seen in the second picture) which is lovely and nude, I think it suits my skintone, especially for wearing throughout the day. It’s a Glaze formula, and I think my only one! I really like it, it’s creamy and easy to wear.

Creme Cup is a popular MAC lipstick, and one I’ve recently really fallen in love with. As the second picture shows, it’s quite a blue pink lipstick and one that would suit being worn day or night. It’s a Cremesheen finish, which is probably my favourite MAC formula as it’s really quite pigmented whilst also being moisturising and easy to apply.

Next on my MAC lipstick is probably Cut a Caper, which I’m desperately after!

Ps. I’m sorry the lighting in the two pictures is so different, they were taken at different points in the day!


  • Cream cup is one of my favourites, they both look great on you xx

  • I love your hair so much, and the color on your lips in the first picture!

  • Which is which? The second one looks gorgeous! xxxxx

  • Sorry Should have read the post properly! Silly me xxxxx

  • I love both of the colours but Hue is my favourite, it really compliments your face!x

  • These lipsticks look beautiful, I have one mac one, which is lovely- but like you I like something that moisturises as I get dry lips, may have to try one of these! You look stunning, also! xxxx

  • Cremecup looks gorgeous on you, I own Hue and it’s just not a favourite of mine! 🙁 x

  • Perfect shades for you. Looove it 😉

  • Gem

    These both look lovely on you 🙂 I bought Hue the other day and I loveeeeeee it!!!

    Gem x

  • Creme Cup is gorgeous! Love what you’ve done with your nails too!

    Beth x

  • Hue looks so creamy, it really suits you!
    Krissy xoxo

  • Love the nude pinky colours on you! MAC is the best for lipstick! xx

  • I’ve been after Hue for ages! Haven’t got anywhere that stocks mac yet. Such a pretty colour, I’ve been using Angel alot lately. Looks like it’s kind of inbetween Hue and Creme Cup. Pretty colours!!

    Chloe… xxx

  • Creme Cup looks really pretty on you, I recently(ish) bought lovelorn and it’s gorgeous but not really an everyday lipstick for me. You’ve made me want more nudes now!

  • Ive got both of these and I love them both they are just such easy colours to wear aren’t they x

  • Oooh I’ve been looking for a new nude lipstick, and I love both of these, they suit you very well xx
    Sirens and Bells

  • these are great! I really want to try them out!

  • I love MAC lipsticks and it looks like Hue could be my next purchase x

  • Amy

    Lovely colours! I need me some new MAC lipsticks

  • You’re so pretty you look like a doll 🙂
    I bought these two at the same time aswell and they look so beaten up from the love I’ve given to them x

  • Anonymous

    Which blush have you used in the last photo with Creme Cup? The shades look so lovely together!

  • Creme Cup is one of my fave lipsticks, it’s soo pretty! Hue is next on my list and it looks lovely on you xx

  • anon

    Which is which…??? You said Hue was the second picture, and then you said creme cup was also the second picture.

    “Hue is a soft pale pink (as seen in the second picture)”

    “Creme Cup is a popular MAC lipstick, and one I’ve recently really fallen in love with. As the second picture shows”