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July Favourites.

I’ve decided to do my July favourites in two parts, the reason being that I’m at home in Scotland so I don’t have all the products I usually use with me so I couldn’t do a full selection, so I’ve picked a few things I bought with me that I’ve been loving recently and also a few I’ve picked up over the last few days.

I bought this Rimmel nail polish in Misty Jade recently as an alternative to Barry Ms Mint Green, it’s slightly different, perhaps a bit more green than pastel but has a good finish. I sometimes think my Barry M polishes go a bit gloopy after awhile but I’ve never been massively keen on Rimmel polishes. I do like the quality of this, I think I’ve used three coats though, which is a lot. I hate painting my nails, after one coat I get restless! A lovely colour, it seems to have lasted well without chipping too.

I bought this Witch Blemish Stick after Lucy recommended it to me, I’ve never really been bothered about Witch products just because I like products which are a bit stronger and since I’m not particularly bothered about products being natural, this brand just didn’t really appeal to me. However, this stick has really helped my skin recently. I like that it’s clear so you can apply it continuously and it doesn’t contain benzoyl peroxide so doesnt a) dye my clothing/bedding and b) dry my skin out after continued use. If you haven’t already tried this, you definitely should!

Liz Earles Skin Repair Moisturiser for normal/combination skin has become my all time favourite moisturiser, I’m so glad I’ve finally found a moisturiser I want to stick to as up until now I’ve just used whatever I lay my hands on. This lives up to the Liz Earle hype, it’s light and not at all greasy, absorbs in well, and works on my dry and oily areas. I’d definitely recommend the Liz Earle products if you haven’t already tried them!

I often use MAC powder blushes, the one I use most often is Springsheen which I think is so much like NARS Orgasm. If I’m going away, I’ll take Springsheen as it’s a bit cheaper so I’m less likely to be gutted if I lose it or drop it. Its described as a peach with pearl sheertone shimmer. Probably one of my most used blushes.

Finally, I’ve been wearing my Chloe perfume lots as of late. It lasts so long, even days later I can smell it on my coat/clothes. If you’re looking for an elegant, long lasting scent this is for you.

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  • I love Chloe perfume, it smells so good! πŸ™‚
    The nail varnish is pretty too xxx

    Love Hannah @

  • Bex

    Great post! Can’t wait to see Part 2 xo

  • I love the Chloe perfume! Ive just run out so pretty gutted!

    George |

  • Absolutely adore ChloΓ© x

  • agree about the barry m polishes going gloopy. dunno why i still buy them really! much prefer models own but i quite like the look of that rimmel one. REALLY WANT SPRINGSHEEN but im guna wait til i run out of orgasm (like that’ll ever happen, it goes no where!) xx

  • love that jade green nail polish, gotta love that chloe perfume, smells divine.
    Krissy xoxo

  • Love the parfum πŸ™‚

  • Such a pretty nail polish colour, I am addicted to mint greens at the moment. I need to buy a full size of the Liz Earle moisturiser, my mini is running out. πŸ™‚

  • Love the blue =)

  • Chloe perfume smells sooo good xoxo

  • I love the Chloe perfume, it smells gorgeous. The Rimmel polish is a brilliant colour, I prefer Barry M, but I like the Rimmel brushes, they give better coverage xx
    Sirens and Bells

  • Gem

    I really want to get either Springsheen or Nars Orgasm, they both look like gorgeous blushes! I’ve been eyeing up Rimmels Misty Jade for a while now, I already have Barry M Mint Green but this looks gorgeous so I’m definitely picking it up next time I’m in Boots πŸ™‚

    Gem x

  • I love Chloe Perfume! I always buy it at the end of year sales as you get the box set for around Β£25 instead of paying a whopping Β£60 for it and it lasts me best part of a year πŸ™‚

    Love the look of the Rimmel polish ever so pretty xx

  • Completely adore Chloe perfume, such a lasting scent without being too heavy!
    The shade of that nail polish is lovely, I find Barry M to get a bit gloopy after a while, too, but I suppose it’s to be expected, having a slightly lower pricepoint and all.

    I was actually thinking about buying Springsheen after trying it out at my local MAC counter, but I was worried it might look a little orange-y on my skin, it’s good to know you’d recommend it, though.

  • Try the 60 second rimmel polishes. They don’t chip very easily.
    I love Chloe loads. I tend to go with the EDT though.

  • I had the witch stick when I was younger, takes me way back πŸ™‚
    Might need to get it again with the state of my skin!

  • Beautiful colour for nails!

  • just stumbled across your blog πŸ™‚ its just lovely! xo

  • I got Chloe when I went to the airport in June and I can’t get enough of it, gorgeous scent! x

  • i love chloe <3 been using it foreves!
    january, x

  • I love spraying Chloe in my hair/nape of my neck, it lasts for days. x hivenn p.s enter my giveaway?

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