Garnier Miracle Skin Protector (BB Cream).

Yesterday was a bit of an achievement for me, it was the first time I went without foundation! I was sent the Garnier Miracle Skin Protector (or BB Cream) at work after eyeing it up for so long. I kept testing it out, putting it on one hand and comparing it to the other and the results were amazing!
I was really pleased when I got it, they sent me a Medium and a Light and I was unsure which I should use but Light seems to be better for me.

The idea of a BB cream is to provide an “All in One”, which makes skin look naturally healthy and radiant as well as providing 24hour hydration and a Sun Protection Factor. They’ve been popular in Asia for some time and have recently hit the UK, with this version from Garnier being the first to hit Boots (it’s been flying off the shelves!).

I usually use quite full coverage foundation, I don’t like my skin at all. I’m prone to blemishes on my cheeks and chin (although it has been better recently), have oily/combination skin, visible pores and marks that blemishes have left and are still fading. However, where my skin is free of blemishes and visible pores, it’s generally quite nice and doesn’t need heavy coverage.
I decided to try Garniers Miracle Skin Protector, using concealer on the areas which I find need more coverage and a bit of powder on my T-zone. It did work really well to give me a lovely naturally radiant look, and although I didn’t have my usual full foundation I felt comfortable.
It seems to last well throughout the day, it’s not on par with foundation but I didn’t need to touch up (apart from a bit of concealer on my blemishes).

I think it adapts to my skin colour really well, and blends in to look really natural. My skin looked more radiant, but I found that my dark under eye circles needed more concealer than usual… but this may have just been because I haven’t had a lot of sleep recently. I’m hoping that after a little while of using this, it will help my skin and I won’t feel the need to use such heavy foundation (which probably isn’t helping my skin at all!).

This is ideal for all skin types, especially normal/dry skin which doesn’t require heavy coverage foundation but needs a bit of a hydration boost and to look brighter and more radiant.
With oily skin, you could always use a mattifying moisturiser first (or an oil control primer) and a bit of powder to set. I really do think it’s a good product, and a lot better for your skin than foundation. Whereas usually, you can tell I wear foundation and it does look a bit caked, although my skin looks lovely. I think this is a nice balance of having natural looking skin, albeit not as “flawless”.

Has anyone else tried this product? Do you think this is something you would be interested in buying?

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  • I’ve been meaning to try out a BB cream, foundation and my face are not friends but tinted moisturiser isn’t quite enough…but I think I’ll hang about for everyone else to try it out first xx

  • I absolutely LOVED this but after a week and a half of using it I was covered in spots! 🙁 so sad because the finish is bloody gorgeous. i have tried it with a primer and it seems to help but since ive stopped using it completely my spots have gone. damn it, thought id found my perfect foundation alternative!!

    it looks lovely on you x

  • This looks great I’ll definitely be having a look at this next time i’m in boots. I don’t like my skin either so this looks like a good product to save my skin from foundation for a bit! 🙂 X

  • Your skin does look glowing! I heard about this in a magazine and was interested although it’s really daunting when there’s only shades in ‘light, medium and dark’ because most of the light stuff is actually far too dark for me.

    My undereye circles are very purple, you can see in my recent outfit post because I haven’t been wearing make-up for a few posts. I think it’s because I’m pale and it shows a lot more sadly. I tend to just dab a bit of bare minirels using a concealer brush because I have no idea on concealers at all!

    If you try this product for a few days let us know what you still think of it as it’s had a lot of great reviews!

  • Wow I can’t believe you can now get BB creams in the UK! I always read about them on Japanese fashion blogs, they’re mahoosively popular in asia. Definitely going to get this! x

  • I hope that garnier brings this out in the states soon!

  • Tor

    I bought this last week, but haven’t tried it out yet… you’ve really made me want to give it a go! xx

  • I havn’t yet tried a BB cream but am hoping to soon. There will be more and more appearing in the UK soon I should imagine! x

  • oh this sounds really good. Your skin really does have a glow in the picture. Have heard good things about bb creams, definately need to give this one a go!

  • I’m currently getting to grips with it, can’t describe it as more than a glorified tinted moisturiser at the moment though.

  • I can’t wait to try it out ;)) it’s sounds so good. xx

  • I’m excited about this product as I often feel like foundation makes my skin look flaky and feels heavy not to mention even the lightest shades look dark/orange on me (I live in fear of that line between your jaw bone and your neck being completely different colours lol).

    I can’t wait to try it!

  • This sounds really good, I have terrible skin and suffer from blemishes and scarring from them too but this sounds like a product I’m going to have to try!

  • I definately want to try some BB cream, I’m so suprised you didn’t wear any foundation – in the photo your skin looks great! Defo gonna try.

  • I tried this recently but it looked quite orange on my pale skin! I’ve ordered a Missha one to try instead as the shades looked better for me x

  • I’ve really wanted this since it came out but have been trying to use up my tinted moisturisers first…don’t think I can wait much longer after all these good reviews! xxx

  • Saw this yesterday and didn’t buy it. Seriously regret it and wish Boots was open at 10.06pm haha xoxo

  • I love BB creams! I’m a huge fan of Japanese beauty products in general, but I’m still interested to see the UK version :).


  • I definitely want to try this – anything to help my dry patches! x

  • I really like it too, i can wear just this and concealer all day, and its perfect to just wear to the gym and stuff to look bare faced. You look tiny on your outfit posts too so cute 😀 x x

  • Their BB cream for me is the best. I think I used this product for almost a year and I feel comfortable on applying this cream for my face.

    diamond peel

  • I love BB creams too. I tried several BB creams, but I think this BB cream by Garnier is great. I am sticking my loyalty to this product.