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Kate Loves & Glossybox.

A few pictures from today, I also posted some photos of my glossy box (this is now my third one) I’m really happy with what I’ve got so far and I think it’s a great investment. Last months wasn’t great, but it certainly didn’t deserve the abuse it got from some bloggers! I saw some abuse going down which was just not acceptable, being a blogger doesn’t mean you have the right to completely insult a company (bearing in mind Glossybox was only on their second box at the time) via social media!
Anyway, that aside I was really excited to try my Xen Tan sample as I’ve heard great things about this product. I applied it the other night, I found it slightly tricky as it doesn’t have a guide colour and as its labeled “dark” on the packaging I didn’t want to end up orange so I only applied a thin layer but I do look slightly bronzed. Although I just noticed today I completely missed one knee. My bad.
I would have preferred the yellow Ciate polish, and I’m not a fan of the lipgloss shade but overall, some lovely products for only £10 a month! An amazing investment if you ask me.

I’m off work today which is amazing, I usually have so much stuff lined up but I did everything on Friday. It feels weird to just be sitting around but I love it! I’ve got so many blog posts done. I bought Cosmopolitan magazine today mainly for the free Missguided nail splash (pictured) in Misschevious which is a lovely deep red/pink. I was already wearing another shade of theirs which I was sent a while ago (for post, see here) called Misstaken which is a bright orange so I just put the pink over the top and it’s come out quite nicely!
If you haven’t already tried these, I suggest you do! One of my favourite nail polish brands at the moment.

Today is going to be spent lying on my bed catching up on 4OD and eating Thai Sweet Chilli sensations with Philadelphia (amazing btw). I’m also looking up flights and hotels for a little trip to New York I’m planning with the boyf in January (my birthday is in December but we’ll probably delay our trip) Any suggestions on hotels/where to go?

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  • Lovely pictures, I just got a mac and I am in love with it; I was lucky to get Lion for free and I love it even more now! I’m still not interested in the GlossyBox idea, I worry that they only did a good box this month because last month got some bad press – I agree a few blogs took it too far especially those accusing them of being ‘on drugs’! I feel like they need to stop giving full size samples, that’s what is raising expectations but they are meant to be all about sample sizes…doesn’t make sense to me!

  • Would you believe, after all this time on the blogosphere, I still haven’t really bothered to go to the Glossybox website? I’m off to it now, thanks to your post! I’m just too curious to resist.
    Great photos!

    x Michelle |

  • I really want to get a Glossybox, I must remember to sign up for next month!! I love those black and white brogues, theyre lovely 🙂

  • loved this months glossy box!
    iv been to new york twice now and stayed at the library hotel! both trips were amazing and the hotel is so central and beautiful. =)
    hope this helps x

  • Oh I want to get a Glossybox too now 🙂
    Love your makeup table too, looks perfect!

    xx Seph

  • I do agree with what the first person said, I think the box might only be so great this month because of all the negativity it got last month. But I agree with you, some people think that because they are a blogger they can absolutely slate companies down to the ground and its ridiculous! At the end of the day people have different opinions and views on things, one persons rubbish is anothers gold and all that, thats the whole point of blogging because its all so varied!


  • aw i used to have that deerhead topshop ring but both the antlers broke off! v. sad, missing it!!
    the more i see of these glossyboxes the more i feel i may have to join the fun!

    january, x

  • Great box this month! I’m so glad this whole episode is starting to work out!

  • Nom nom for the crips I love them!

    So jealous of the new york tripette! What a brilliant birthday present 😀

    I feel your love of lying around, it’s all I’ve been doing all day and after a late shift last night it feels glorious to be out in the sun again!


  • This was my first Glossybox and I was chuffed to bits with it; I think they are rather building up people’s hopes a bit though with all the full size products – I wonder if they’ll be able to keep it up long term? I got the orange Ciate nail polish, it’s a really nice shade. I’m planning a trip to New York (probably next year) too – look forward to seeing where you decide to stay (and visit!)

  • Oooh I’m off to investigate Glossybox now 🙂

  • Wow I love the contents of July’s box. Those lashes look so nice! I missed out on this months box for numerous reasons but hoping to get the August/September one! Great post as always 🙂 x.

  • Gutted i didn’t order Glossy box last month!!! Gunna have to try sweet chilli crisps n philli, I love cheese doritos and salted cashews together lol weird I know but sooo yummy!!! x

  • your blog is lovely and so interesting.
    i am now following. hope you can follow back.

  • Im so inlove your make up collection! And you blog is so amazing! Im following!

  • Lovely photo’s. I have that Missguided nail polish I love it xx

  • Love your shoes so much! I got a Missguided nailpolish once, was so pissed off about it because the quality was just shit! Hope yours is better.

  • i got the yellow polish but would have much preferred yours, figures! haha


  • I totally agree with you about the Glossybox thing! I think last month’s wasn’t their best, but the anger I saw about it was really intense, in my opinion! I still think it’s a great investment and I loved mine this month! I actually got the yellow polish which I was wary about at first but I really, really love it. It’s so thick and colourful!

    I love the ring you’re wearing and am desperate for those brogues! I used to live in brogues but have worn all mine to death and am finding it so difficult to find nice-looking, comfortable ones as a replacement 🙂

    Anna |

  • the coral nail color looks lovely on you!
    The Fashion Cycle

  • I’m subscribed to Glossybox aswell, I think I would of preferred your box though because I would use the lipgloss,eyelashes and tan more than the products I got in mine.

    I got the box with the lime green nail varnish, the powder, orla kiely perfume etc. Have you used the nail varnish yet? It stained my nails which is annoying!
    I really want an Apple laptop too so I’m jealous that you have uploaded a picture of that!