5 Favourites: Face Exfoliators.

Buying exfoliators is one of my favourite past times, I have quite a few (a collection which I am trying to downsize) but these are the ones I reach for often.
You should only really exfoliate once or twice a week. Exfoliators are designed to buff away the dead skin cells, leaving you with lovely, bright, fresh skin but if you’re doing it too regularly there’s no more dead skin cells to take away so you’re just aggravating the skin. Eek! Also, if you are going to use quite an abrasive scrub then I’d suggest using a moisturiser with an SPF afterwards (or the next day,…

Style: Yay for Yayer.

A post of my Yayer dress which I bought for going out in London (I think) a few months back but didn’t end up wearing it in the end. Now I can’t think what I’ll wear it to. It’s in my blogshop to be sold, but I quite like it here.
I really don’t know what to do with myself today, I’m trying to find internships in London but keep getting distracted by other things like tweaking my blog layout! I wish I had an attention span of more than a few minutes….

Kate Loves & Glossybox.




A few pictures from today, I also posted some photos of my glossy box (this is now my third one) I’m really happy with what I’ve got so far and I think it’s a great investment. Last months wasn’t great, but it certainly didn’t deserve the abuse it got from some bloggers! I saw some abuse going down which was just not acceptable, being a blogger doesn’t mean you have the right to completely insult a company (bearing in mind Glossybox was only on their second box at the time) via social media!…

Current Favourite Hair Products.

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t really do a lot to my hair, it’s usually quite messy. I never even used to use conditioner! It’s quite fine and soft but thick, if that makes sense. I wash it every day and then blow dry it and use straightening irons (though not on all of it). Bad.
Recently, I’ve rediscovered my John Frieda Frizz Eaze Serum which is an absolute miracle product. I’ve had this bottle for years, since it first came out I guess. Anyway, I’ve only recently started using it properly and my hair really loves it….

Daily Makeup #1.

I’ve not done a post like this in so long! Although I have millions of cosmetics, my makeup doesn’t change that often. I go through phases of things, and I rotate foundations and wear a different blusher each day (I get a use out of all my blushers) but things like powder and eye makeup doesn’t usually require changing.
This is just a simple post on the products that I’ve been using recently. At the moment I’m mixing foundations (apparently thats a massive no no but I find mixing a £20 foundation with a £10 foundation works just as well and is more economical) at the moment it’s usually Cliniques Even Better foundation which the Bourjois Healthy Mix (which is a bit dark for me so I mix it with a Clinque one which is too light)….