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Recent Purchases: Liz Earle.

I think I’ve expressed my love for Liz Earle enough since my blogging debut 6 months ago, but I thought I’d do a small post on some things I’ve purchased recently. We have a shop here in Leeds which is lucky but also slightly terrifying for my bank balance. I do think the Liz Earle products are reasonably priced considering how lovely they are.
I bought the Botanical Shine Shampoo and Conditioner (normal hair). I’ve heard lovely things about these products and they are really great. There is only one variety of shampoo, but the conditioner comes in a few different types (I bought one for normal hair, but there are others such as one for oily/fine hair and also dry/damaged ends).

I also bought a new moisturiser. Moisturiser is one of those products which I can never seem to get right, and my skin has become quite oily recently (but also dry on my cheeks) so I went for the normal/combination moisturiser in the hope it will help my skin type to become a bit more normal. I love this moisturiser, it’s very light and you only need such a small amount which means this tub will last a while. It’s not heavy or greasy and my makeup applies well afterwards. I was going to go for the oily skin type moisturiser but chose this in the end to deal with my drier areas as well.

Lastly, I bought a pack of muslin cloths as I always use these. I know I could have got heaps off ebay for cheap but theres something about the LE ones, they are so soft! Ahh a new pack of muslin cloths, about to be turned orange from my makeup!

Anyone else had a Liz Earle splurge recently?

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  • I really want to try out Liz Earle, so many bloggers say great things about it ! 🙂 xx

  • can you let me know how that moisturiser works out for you? I’d definitely invest if it was good as i have oily / dry skin too! Never have found a good moisturiser they’re all far too oily and lead to an outbreak of spots not ideaaal! xxx

  • odd question but where did you get your bed sheets? they’re so pretty


  • I absolutely love Liz Earle, especially the moisturiser and toner. I use the deep cleansing mask now and again too and it’s absolutely amazing, it leaves my skin feeling clean and soft. I also have the smoothing line serum, but I don’t feel as though it does anything for me and I have the sheer pink lip shimmer (oh my gosh, I didn’t realise that I had that many Liz Earle products! Blame my mother, she’s a Liz Earle addict!)

    I’m actually not a fan of the hair care range, I used the shampoo and it left my hair feeling horrible :/ xx

  • kia

    I have never tried any liz earle products, but the look really good 🙂 I know your into your skincare so I thought i would tell you that you get a free benefit skincare coupon inside This weeks grazia magazine 🙂 xx

  • all these look great! I’m glad you’ve found a brand that keeps on working for you!

  • God, after reading this post I’m craving a Liz Earle shopping spree! And I’m also hopeless when it comes to moisturiser, so my skin is constantly either too dry or too oily.

  • I love the moisturiser you chose – I agree with everything you said, I also think it smells lovely, very clean smelling if that makes sense! I also want to try the shampoo and conditioner properly, I’ve only tried a sample so far! x

  • Haha I hate it when the cloths turn orange! My skin doesn’t like the Liz Earle products at all 🙁 but really interested to hear if you rate the shampoo or not! xx

  • kia

    I just got the cleanser & polish, did you do a review on this? xx