Beauty Purchases

Topshop & Ruby and Millie.

This week it’s 20% off Topshop with a student card, so I have taken advantage! I’ve mentioned before I’m a massive fan of Topshop blushers and although I’m new to cream blushers and have more faith in powder blushers, I absolutely love the colours of the Topshop cream blushers! I already have Pinch and Neon Rose, so I knew I had to add Flush to my collection (and what a collection it is). It’s a lovely coral pink, and I don’t actually think I have anything else in this colour. It’s gorgeous on, I know people prefer to see them on but no doubt you’re a bit sick of my face by now. I’m still learning to use cream blushers, I find that it’s really easy to get different amounts on each cheek. I sometimes get to work and look in the (unforgiving) mirrors and find that one side is a bit deeper than the other. Definitely need to work on that.
I also bought a powder in Nude 02 which is really nice. I always, always wear powder and I like to try different ones. I have two MAC powders but the majority of my powders are just from Boots or whatever. This is really nice and I find that it’s not too soft so it doesn’t create a lot of powder when you swirl the brush around, sometimes it’s really easy to cake powder on.

I also picked up some Ruby and Millie brushes in Boots, as they’re on clearance because R&M is leaving us! RIP. But still, 75% off if there’s any left. I got a foundation brush, a lip brush, a cheek brush and two eyeshadow brushes. BARGAINS GALORE. They’re all great quality, especially the eye brushes which I would definitely recommend! The makeup has been completely destroyed at work so I haven’t got any in the sale, has anyone else picked up any R&M bargains?

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  • Lois

    I got a pink nail varnish in the R&M sale, it’s absolutely amazing! I chip my nails really easily but it’s been two days so far chip-free, and I didn’t even put a base or top coat on!

  • Flush is gorgeous! I have Neon Rose already, but may have to add this one to my collection

    T x

  • I got a pink, orange & yellow nail varnish – reviewed in my blog last week. I also have a few brushes from years ago & they’re still going strong!

    I really want the flush blusher.

  • Ooh I didn’t know about Ruby and Millie going πŸ™ I really like their makeup and brushes!! I will have to see if there’s any left when I’m next in Boots.

  • Nic

    Ah no I really like Ruby + Millie!- and I have Flush blusher, its so gorgeous xx

  • I bought Flush today too, great minds hey πŸ˜‰ love the topshop cream blushers- Butterscotch is another gorgeous colour if you want more of a golden shimmer, I love Butterscotch so much I bought another one as a back-up. xo

  • I love topshop lipstick, I’m not a fan of blushers. Those brushes are so cheap! I might check out boots stores near me πŸ˜‰ x.

  • Flush looks stunning! I really need to get my act together and try out Topshop makeup! xo

  • I tried to grab some Ruby & Millie stuff online but everything had gone by the time I managed to get on the site. Think there was something rubbish like a single pair of tweezers left.


    can you even get a single pair?

  • Jen

    Ooh thanks for the topshop tip, will defiantly be heading into my local store! x

  • I’ve never tried Ruby and Millie, but those brushes look bargainous!! I really want to purchase the Topshop skin glow πŸ™‚ x

  • Ooh I haven’t heard about the Ruby and Millie sale, but next time I go into town I shall see if anything is left!
    The cream blusher is such a nice colour! xx

  • Tor

    I almost bought Flush today too, it’s lovely isn’t it! Seeing this kind of makes me wish I did get it now!

    Is it 20% off with any student card or just NUS, do you know? xx

  • Ooh I love topshop creme blushes too, flush is lovely! My boots had hardly any Ruby and Millie stuff left πŸ™ x

  • you and your blush, it always makes me want to go and buy a gagillion new ones too! love this colour

  • kia

    i will be popping into boots now on my way home from college this savo, thanks! x

  • I still haven’t tried out the Topshop makeup range yet, but I don’t know why as I only hear good things about it and I LOVE the packaging!

  • I adore the flush blush! So very jealous of the make up brushes, what a bargain!!

  • Hi!!!
    I just find ur blog thanks to milkteef, and I have to said it I love your look, and all the make up u can find in your country!!I hope that I will find the same stuff when Im gonna come to London next Month!!
    thanks for this great blog and sorry for my bad english!!