Nail Girls: Thoughts.

I don’t often post about anything nail-related, mainly because I don’t really look after my nails (although I have booked a spa manicure, whatever that is, so stay tuned!) and also because I feel that most blogs already cover the nail side of things. I haven’t, however, seen anything on this reasonably new brand called Nail Girls.
Nail Girls say “Our colours are a superior formula, free from any harmful chemicals. (toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) and camphor) They are not tested on animals, are vegan friendly and the packaging is recyclable.”
Before I had even tried the polishes, I was already interested. I love a product that finds a little niche and works with it, and I know a few of my vegan readers will be really interested.

I tried Pink and Green (no frills names, but there is a number) and you can see how nicely Pink turned out in the last picture. A gorgeous colour, and I had a compliment on it at work which always works well with me, and I’m really impressed with how well they’ve lasted without chipping! I slapped on Pink two days ago, early in the morning before work but didn’t have time to put on a top coat and aside from the obligatory tip wear which always happens quickly with my nails (especially sans topcoat) there are no chips! Please remember I have opened many a box at work the past couple of days which usually sends my nails (and cuticles) into meltdown.
The colour was good after one coat but I applied two for the full affect.

I’m really impressed at how well the polish has lasted, especially from a product which boasts that it includes no harmful chemicals. The brand has had good write ups from Vogue and Elle (and now…) and I highly recommend!

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26 May, 2011
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  • I love green and pink color combinations! I’m assuming these are 3-FREE?

  • They sound really promising, the pink colour looks gorgeous on your nails! Ha, nice to hear that they are chip resistant – my nails seem to chip within hours of them being painted! x

  • i love the colours, they look really good! x

  • Thanks for sharing about this brand, will definitely check out their website now! The pink is such a lovely colour! xx

  • the pink looks lovely on your nails! and thats so good that they dont chip much 🙂 x

  • these look great, can they be bought at the usual places? nicola xxx

  • You have excellent nail beds!

  • the pink looks so much nicer on than in the bottle!

  • They’re both really pretty! xx

  • We call that colour in Sweden for menthol-green. I love it.