A Trip to MAC.

Here are some swatches of some MAC products I’ve bought recently, from left to right: MAC Something Special Cremeblend blusher, Please Me matte lipstick and Style frost blusher.
I’ve heard a few people mention what a lovely blush Style is, and it’s my first Frost blusher. It has a lovely sheen to it and is described as a “coral peach with a gold pearl” with this blusher I don’t think I’ll need to wear a highlighter because I think it will give a lovely dewy, highlighted look without it.
The Please Me lipstick I have seen a few people buy recently and blog about it, and I knew I had to have it, even though I find Matte lipsticks really hard to wear as I have dry lips.

I’ve already mentioned the Something Special cream blush, but you can see it in this post here. It’s really lovely and so easy to wear!


  • I love MAC cosmetics so much,they last forever and are such a beautiful quality on the skin, these are lovely purchases!

    Eda ♥

  • That lipstick looks amazing – heading off to Mac next time I’m in town to try it out!

  • I love the lipstick, such a gorgeous shade for summer. x

  • Cream blushers are my favourite..so easy to apply and they stay for such a long time. Gorgeous colours you chose there xx

  • I don’t own a Mac matte lipstick yet, Please me looks yummy!


  • The colour of the lippy is lovely and I suffer from dry lips too so I tend to just go for lip balms and the pink shade of vaseline.

  • Love the look of something special it looks such a pretty shade x

  • Please me is one of my favourites, I’ve been wearing every day recently. So perfect for work. Always forget to say that I love your duvet!x

  • those blushes look lovely! x

  • I have style and I love it! Actually came it across in my CCO over a year ago and it is the blush I keep coming back too. Love that it provides a lovely glow aswell! I also love please me lipstick. I like the look of the cream blush but cream blushers just don’t work with me for some reason! xxx

  • I really like all those colours! I keep meaning to go find some new coral blushers and also a nice coral lipstick. I am a lil wary it won’t suit me, but it can always just go in my kit if not!

  • I don’t own any matte lipsticks but that colour is gorgeous. Both blushers are lovely shades, I’m on the look out for some cream blushers they look so natural on the skin :}


  • Hmm, I have one matte lippie and it’s Diva, a burgundy red so it’s not wearable for everyday. The one you got is gorgeous though. The blushes also look lovely! xo

  • The cream blushers I sometimes use as lipstick aslong as i put a little carmex under then. They don’t stay as strong as lipstick on but they turn into like a lip stain. Beautiful shades 🙂 xoxo

  • That’s such a lovely lipstick xx

  • The shades are lovely, so tempting to purchase. Nice swatches 🙂 xx

  • I have NEVER tried a cream blusher before, too scared! 🙁 Haha I am such a loser! These look gorgeous. I’d love to see a run down of all your fave products miss, almost like a little beauty/makeup award for each category 🙂 and really, I’d just like to go shopping with you because I think you’d be a great shopping buddy! ♥ x

  • These are such brave and bold colours, you have the perfect cheek structure to wear them, I never could! I swear by my MAC blushes, they last for so long and always look flawless. Love this post!

  • I love both of the blushers! I also love the colour of the lipstick but I hate matte lipsticks 🙁 xxx

  • Please me and Style have been on my wishlist for ages! Now you’ve made me want them even more haha xoxo

  • Gorgeous swatches! I absolutely adore the blushes, peachy/coral colours are my favourite to wear. I tried out those new Cremeblend Blushes at my local MAC counter a few ago and the new formula is amazing!

  • these look lovely! especially something special and please me.



  • Mmm… Definitely considering a MAC cream blusher when my DuWop one runs out. I love cream blushers. Always wanted one of the Stila ones too. Your Naked palette looks amazing too.