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Style: Bound To Get Caught.

Topshop top//ASOS bow//Urban Outfitters skirt

You know those days where you just want to take an outfit post and get on with your life but your face/camera/outfit just won’t agree with you?! That was definitely today. I really don’t like way the photos came out, but I like the outfit. I’m trying to find things to wear for the next two weekends as I’m working in between and won’t have time.
This weekend I’m off to London for Russ’s birthday and also, Graeme has a gig which will be awesome! I love love LOVE going out in London so massively excited.
The weekend after I’m off to Scotland for the night for Rockness, a festival in Inverness which Graeme is also playing at. Really excited for that too! I hate camping so I only really go to festivals when Graeme plays so I can stay in a hotel. Wooop.

I haven’t posted a lot recently (well, for me anyway) because I’ve been absolutely shattered. I went to bed at 9pm last night after a busy week at work and I’m still really tired.
I had a good shop today though, I found some nice things including this skirt in the Urban Outfitters sale. I don’t usually shop there because it’s so expensive (overprices in my opinion) but my boyfriend buys ALL his clothes there which makes me very jealous.

What’s everyone doing for the bank holiday weekend? I am working. Le sigh.

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  • I love what you’ve done with the ribbon! x

  • This is very cute! I’m clearly looking in the wrong places here but you did well teaming it with a like-coloured bra, I can’t stand teaming bras with see-through tops! I agree that UO is so ridiculously over priced!

  • That’s a lovely outfit, I think the peach colour is perfect and looks so nice + unique over the stripes! Have a great time going out sounds like some lovely sociable time for you! My bank holiday will be spent sleeping I think, I’m exhausted lately I have no idea why ha-ha maybe I’m getting old 😛


  • Love the outfit! Especially the top

  • Val

    Your outfit is adorable! Aw, hope you get some sleep soon xo

  • Love the blouse….very pretty colour!

  • The bow looks so cute on you!

  • Jo

    How weird…. I have just bought a skirt excatly the same as that at weekend! You always look stunning babe. xx

  • I love those lace tops from Topshop, yours looks even cuter with a bow added to it. Aaah sounds like you have such a packed and exciting few weekends coming up! (: I’ve spent the weekend relaxing, I’m working on Bank Holiday Monday which will be a killer! xx

  • The top’s so pretty! I definitely have those days, too, don’t worry.

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  • Interesting combination of patterns. 🙂 The bow is so cute!

    Natalie x

  • That top is gorgeous, it really suits you!
    You’re lucky you have a DJ boyfriend, you get the perks of festivals without the downside of camping!
    At least with working lots, you’ll have money 🙂 xx

  • I love the top, especially how you’ve added a bow to it, i really like that look, i think i’m going to head to the fabric shop tomorrow and DIY one!

    I’ve been working all weekend so far, but i have tomorrow off which i’m looking forward to! Having a lie in and then gunna snoop around the shops! Have a good week 🙂

    Stacey x

  • Haha I know what you mean about having a bad photo day. My outfit is ON POINT but then my face is just herp derping all over the place! I adore the bow, it’s so cute 🙂

    I’m probably cleaning this weekend, how glam! xx

  • Lovely top, great colour and finished perfectly with the bow.

  • Nice combination, that shade of orange really suits you. Lovely with the striped skirt!!

  • This outfit looks great. I really love the peachy colour and the stripy skirt, they look so good together! 🙂

  • Tor

    Your top is such a lovely colour!
    and I agree about UO prices!
    I’ve been working today too, but I’m happy to say I’m off tomorrow, I just hope it doesn’t rain so I can actually do something 🙂 x

  • Aw your so lucky to be shopping in London, it would be so exciting to visit London one day! I really like the orange shirt, it looks stunning on you =]

  • I love the mixture if prints and colors… missed the outfit posts



  • The colour looks so good on you x