The Big O.

Probably the strangest swatches in the world, and these took me forever! I mentioned before I cut my arm on a broken glass so I don’t really want to show that so here is my hand.
From left to right we have NARS Super Orgasm illuminator, Orgasm illuminator and Orgasm powder blush.
I’ve posted before about my Super Orgasm illuminator but to be honest I never wear it. It’s too pink for what I use it for, although I want to try about different uses for it.
I’ve fallen in love with my new Orgasm illuminator as I think it’s a lot more natural and just gives a nice peachy, dewy glow. And of course, I absolutely love my blusher – it’s one of my favourites!

What are your thoughts on the NARS products?

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21 May, 2011
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21 May, 2011
  • Gorgeous swatches!

    I haven’t used any NARS products yet but I really want to! Have my eye on a duo eyeshadow and I’m quite interested in the Orgasm illuminator! 🙂


  • I’ve never tried any Nars products but I really want to try the Orgasm powder blush, it’s such a pretty colour!xxx

  • I really really want to try the orgasm illuminator, but I’m exactly the same as you on the blush- in love.
    You’ve really really made me want to get my hands on an illuminator now 🙂

  • Super Orgasm is my favourite out of the three, gorgeous! xx

  • God, there are so many things i would love to try from NARS. Probably laguna and orgasm firstly…

  • I don’t have any ;(

  • I absolutely adore the orgasm illuminator. I want to try lots more products though.


  • gorgeous swatches, orgasm illuminator looks especially pretty!

    i have only used nars sheer glow and it is such a stunning and beautiful foundation, colour matches so seamlessly! i used it for about three months without a glitch and then suddenly it MAJORLY broke me out and has done every time i try and go back on it after a break to test it out. such a shame, it makes me a bit worried to try out more nars products though! xxx

  • I’ve never really been interested in their illuminators but I want the super orgasm one now x

  • Hi, I’m a new subscriber! I saw Katie recommend your blog on hers so came here & liked what I saw 🙂 They don’t sell Nars in my country but damn all their products look so tempting!

  • I’ve never actually tried any Nars products! I’ve heard they have a great bronzer, though, so I’ll probably go for that first.

    x Michelle |

  • These swatches are really useful, thanks love!

  • I’m super happy with my new illuminator from GlossyBox too!

    I’ve been wanting to try Nars for ages, but I had not got around to it! I’m a big lipstick girl, and their lip colours look fantastic!

  • they look so lovely!

  • such lovely peachy shades! 🙂

    half the world away.

  • I really want Orgasm Illuminator for summer, I think it would be perfect!
    Btw, I’m absolutely in love with your blog, it’s amazing <3

  • i’ve never tried anything from nars but i’m definitely going to pick up the orgasm multiple or blush, so pretty!