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Lush Top Picks.

♥ Dark Angels Cleanser: This is an amazing exfoliator made with charcoal to absorb any excess oils. It’s quite fine & abrasive so I only use it once every two weeks but it really smooths over my skin, making it brighter and softer. It’s black, of course, so can be a bit messy. Sometimes I blow my nose two days later and black stuff appears (grim) so you need to clean it all off but totally worth it.

♥ Honey I Washed the Kids Soap: A gorgeous soap with the most amazing smell, I have been using this for years. I’m sure everyone has tried this, it contains toffee and honey. I buy a big block, cut chunks off it and leave them near any sinks in our flat.

♥ Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter: This was recommended to me by my favourite blogger Charlene & its lovely. I have really bad cuticles, so I massage some of this in at night and they’re getting better. It’s a bit greasy for day use, but great for night time. It’s also meant to be good for dry patches – knees, elbows etc.

♥ Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask: My all time favourite face mask, made with blueberries (rich in antioxidants) It cleanses and soothes skin really well, and I think it’s the best one for blemishes. It dries like a clay mask, absorbing oils on the skin and drawing out impurities. My skin feels lovely afterwards & it always improves my complexion. Definitely recommend this!

♥ The Olive Branch Shower Gel: I’ve mentioned this little lovely before, but I feel I should mention it again for good measure. The scent is gorgeous, and lingers in my bathroom after showers. It contains olive oil to soften and nourish skin. A winner with me!

What are your favourite Lush products?

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  • I love honey I washed the kids soap. I’m gutted to have finished the limited edition shower gel 🙁 Cosmetic catastrophe face mask is also a favourite. I haven’t tried much else from the Lush skincare range x

  • Thanks for the recommendations – Honey I Washed The Kids is my favourite Lush soap, and I don’t know what I’d do without Lemony Flutter!

    I swear by using the Jasmin & Henna Fluff Ease hair mask on my hair every other week – it works wonders keeping my hair soft and moisturised, and the smell lasts for days, and I wash my hair every day! I also use their Sweet Lips Sugar Scrub every day and I don’t get dry lips anymore. Last night I took a bath with the Butter ball, and it was the most moisturising thing I had ever tried!

  • I love seeing everyone’s favourite lush products! My boyfriend worked there as a Christmas temp last year and he came home with so many freebies! the ‘Honey I washed the kids’ soap is lovely. I really like Buffy and the Snow Fairy products when they come out, they smell so sugary and sweet-amazing 🙂
    Rachelle xxx

  • I love lush, I actually had a dream about it

  • mmm cleanser bogies! haha. i think i might try the catastrophe cosmetic face mask, sounds good! i’m always put off by going into lush though – the smell gets right inside my brain and gives me a headache but the products are so nice! …i’ll just have to get somebody else to go get me some! haha. X

  • The ‘Seanik’ solid shampoo is lovelyyy, it’s the blue one with seaweed, it smells gorgeous and makes hair so shiny. I love their ‘Karma’ bubble bars too!

  • Awesome post, honey I washed the kids is a fave here too 🙂

    I’ve never tried a lush facemask but I literally have to!


  • I loove lemony flutter.. Wrote review on it in my blog.. I use it on my feet at night and it works wonders! Keeps my feet so soft..

  • going to have to try the catastrophe cosmetic face mask. love the smell of blueberries and i’m having extra-problem skin at the mo!

    january, x

  • I love the sound of the lemony cuticle butter! Gonna try that next!

  • I love The Olive Branch, such a gorgeous smell!
    Angels on Bare Skin and Coalface did a lot for my skin when I was going through a really really bad breakout so Dark Angels would probably be great for me. I also love Porridge soap and American Cream conditioner.

  • so glad you like the lemony flutter! it does work well on dry patches too, i usually put it on them at night and wake up to soft skin again!

    i love whipstick lipbalm, it tastes of chocolate orange! and fair trade foot lotion is good too, it makes you smell all minty and fresh. and who can forget snow fairy?! or butterball bath bombs, or the comforter bubble bar… god, i love lush too much to pick a favorite! 😀

    ty for the link too ♥ 🙂 xx

  • loove lush, and my favourite is the olive branch:)
    amazing blog very inspiring

    laura jayne

  • I don’t know why I never thought of cutting bits off of the soap, I’m such a silly girl! Thankyou for sharing this!

  • I NEVER know what to choose from lush, I always end up wimping out and buying the same few things over and over again (a few that I dont even know if I like) haha so this wee guide was good! 🙂 think my skin needs some major tlc xx

  • wish I had a lush near me. :/

  • The Catastophe Cosmetic face mask is a favourite of mine, the smell reminds me of palma violets! Thanks for the review on the Dark Angles cleanser – I’ve been pondering about whether or not to give it a go, I usually just stick to Ocean Salt! x

  • That’s so weird! I’ve only just come across your lovely blog and I did a post on lush a couple of days ago:Oxxxx

    Drop by<3