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Makeup Collection #1.

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Since everyone seemed to like the picture I posted yesterday of all my makeup, I decided to do a full post featuring some hardcore makeup p0rnz (I feel sorry for all those creeps who will now find my blog by searching for nudies!)
Obviously I am a complete makeup junkie! If you think this is bad, you should see my skincare collection! This has all been collected up over a period of time, I know I need to get rid of some of it but the stuff that everyone will want (my MAC, NARS, illamasqua etc. stuff) I want to keep.
If there’s anything you do want, just get in touch by email and I will see if I wanna be nice or something. I should really downsize at some point.
The massive pink makeup bag in the centre of the second picture is full of all my eyeshadows and palettes, it is gigantic and very heavy. I want to do a post on it all, as well as all my blushers.
If you see anything that you want me to post about, let me know!

I know this is a bit of a weird, braggy post but I love posts like this and I’m sure everyone has a makeup collection a lot like this!

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  • I love posts like these! Only because I am such a nosy bitch! Hahah.

    You should post your skin care collection! xox

  • Now you have to do a skincare collection after mentioning it! That is one hell of a collection! You should do a blog sale if there’s stuff you don’t use, I’m sure loads of people would buy!

  • I love posts like this too! Ahhh your make up looks so pretty, I love everything. You make me wanna go on a make up spending spree though haha! xx

  • I love posts like this, I’m so nosy! But I think I’ve died and gone to make up heaven. This is literally my dream! It puts my embarassingly small collection to shame x

  • WOW you have an amazing collection!!! :))

  • i am drooling hehe!

  • WOAH! That is A LOT of makeup! xx

  • Ehhhh Kate, can I come over and hang out with you puhhlease?! 🙂 This is AWESOME! Would love a nosy into your skincare collection too 🙂 haha xx

  • Oh wow, amazing collection! I love posts like this (I posted my own a few weeks ago). <3 You should definitely hold a blog sale if you need to downsize, you'll make loadsa money. 🙂 x

  • Great post, and amazing collection!

  • wow you have loads x

  • Oo what a great setup you have there. Thanks for sharing with us. x 🙂

  • That is seriously by far the most awesome make-up collection I have ever seen 🙂 Can’t wait to see your skin care collection! I love posts like this – I’m just so nosey haha xo

  • your collection looks amazing! xxx

  • oh dear god. i actually just wanted to reach in to my laptop & grab it all :O I love these posts (:
    would love to see a post on your collection of blushes xx

  • Jen

    I’m a very jelous girl right now! x

  • Woahh! Very jealous of your amazing collection x

  • WOW you have one hell of a collection,i want all of it 😀

    cant stop looking at these pics im so nosy haha

    kate xo

  • Your collection is amazingg! My collection is not as big, but I am getting there…

  • Ah wow, that is an intense collection of makeup I wish I had nearly half that much! What colour Illamasqua blush is peeking through there I have one it’s a really pigmented orange one I forget the name now but It’s amazing I love there blushes. xx

  • You have so many cute boxes! THIS is makeup porn for suuuure =) love it!

  • Hey! What is the name of the striped mineralize skin finish with the pink in the middle? 😛
    Do you know if it is still avaliable or was in limited edition?
    Thanks! xxx

  • I love your collection and your photography is beautiful!

  • kia

    Ooo you’ll have to do a skincare collection post 🙂 xxx

  • oh my god, this is amazing! my entire make up collection would probably only fill your eyeshadow/palettes collection – crazy!! xx

  • oh my lord, you have so much makeup! :O I feel so less guitly now haha xx

  • Well if that collection didnt just kind of blow my mind, omg thats a pretty big/amazing stash of make up you have. Im so incredibly jealous! x

  • That’s one hell of a make up collection! I love benefit Hello flawless, it’s my favourite powder foundation x

  • definitely do a skincare collection post!
    and a blog sale would be wicked, whatever brands you choose to put in 🙂

  • Mel

    Christ you have a lot of makeup! Amazing collection! x x x

  • nice collection.. i am just jealous by seeing your collection. i just want to grab your collection.. ohh i just love your collection 😉