Lipstick Additions.

L-R: Topshop in Show Off, Beauty UK in Passion, Barry M 153, Elizabeth Arden in Melon, MAC in Chatterbox.
I seem to go through little obsessions with products, and at the moment it’s lipsticks. I must admit after seeing them next to each other they do look quite similar but they do all have different finishes and are different shades. The Barry M, Topshop and MAC shades could all be dupes for each other! So if you want to save money on Chatterbox, get the Barry M instead!
I honestly couldn’t even pick a favourite out of these, I do like the Barry M lipstick though! Which one do you like? Also, sorry about the awkward swatches, I had to do them on my other arm as I cut my arm quite badly on broken glass a week or two ago. Boo!
I’m still on a massive feel good high after the Royal Wedding which I have to say is one the most lovely and special moments I’ve ever witnessed. I was at work tragically but caught up on my break and watched it last night when I got home. I’m not a soppy person but I have to admit I was welling up! An insight into something amazing and fascinating, it really was something else. 
Kate looked absolutely incredible, I especially loved her McQueen evening dress. I wasn’t too impressed with her makeup however, she’d slightly overdone it on the blusher and I think she should have gone for a more subtle look. 
I’m off work for the next two days, it’s my boyfriends birthday on Monday so it’ll be nice to spend some time together. I’m planning on taking him for lunch tomorrow, hopefully it’ll be sunny!
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  • I love red lipstick too, I always use Mac and Clinique ones, but that Beauty UK shade looks fantastic!

  • I love all these colours! So bright and vibrant!

  • They’re all such gorgeous shades! The Barry M and Elizabeth Arden lipsticks are my favourites. And there’s no such thing as too many lipsticks in the same colour!

  • wow i actually love all those lip sticks x

  • The MAC shade is my favourite but they are all really nice!
    and yes, the royal wedding was so beautiful, i thought Kate looked so stunning in her dress:)

  • I love Chatterbox, it’s my favourite lipstick at the moment. Enjoy your lovely haul!

  • They’re all gorgeous shades! I’ve got a real thing about lipsticks at the moment, I find myself drawn to them every time I’m in Boots (which is a LOT) and that’s unusual coz it’s normally blush I’m lusting after!

    I thought the wedding was quite moving, I felt a bit teary at several moments!

  • ahh they all look beautiful! Totally agree with you on the wedding and about her dress and makeup.

  • Why do you always buy the lipsticks that i really want at the moment, very jealous 🙂 x

  • Barry M does look like a really good dupe for Chatterbox, I think i’ll definitley be buying that soon! All of them are really lovely colours too.

  • Chatterbox looks amazing!

  • The topshop one is such a gorgeous gorgeous shade. I’ve never actually tried their lipstick, I’ll absolutely have to have a look now.

  • pretty, pretty colours!!
    my favourite is the coral shade second from the end..
    absoulutely adorable!

  • I like the Barry M one too, and the MAC one is always lovely. I always go through phases of buying lipstick too, I feel so funny buying a heaps of lipsticks from one store so i usually go to a few different ones so i dont look like a weirdo 😉

  • i’m tied between the barry m and elizabeth arden!

    january, x

  • i like the topshop and the barry m the best i think!
    i was blubbing away through the royal wedding too. felt so happy for them! x

  • I love the colour of the Elizabeth Arden one, it looks gorgeous!
    Barry M lipsticks are probably my favourite, mostly because of the price!

  • All of these are gorgeous but I think the last two, melon and chatterbox, are my favorites! lovely 🙂

  • I love Chatterbox! Its next on my never-ending list of Mac lipsticks I want. Thanks for the link Kate, you’re a sweetheart <3 xx

  • Ah I love Chatterbox, one of my faves 🙂

  • I have chatterbox but I’m not 100% sure it suits me! Great selection xxx

  • Jen

    Thanks for the chatterbox dupe tip, i picked up the Barry M one today & am very impressed!
    I’ll be sure to mention your blog when if i review it 🙂 x x

  • ugh, i just love topshop packaging. i live in the united states and we don’t have a topshop so i can only purchase from online!

    great post!

  • Only just getting round to reading this post gorgeous! Thank you for the mention 🙂 I really need a new lippie, have never tried topshop or barry m before so I’ll defo be on the lookout for these shades! So pretty xx