Topshop Sandstorm Collection.

Yesterday I bought a few things from the new Topshop Sandstorm collection. I’d seen this Blush/Bronze duo and decided to pick it up as I’m still in love with my Topshop highlighter. This cheek duo is in Dessert Sun, and has a rosy blush with a light bronze in one compact. I thought I would give it a go as I never use a bronzer. I didn’t swatch this product as it’s so faint, I have rubbed my finger around the product and barely anything comes up. I love the idea of this product, but I can’t see it having any life-changing affects on my makeup routine. I haven’t tried it on yet, to be fair but as it’s so faint I don’t see it doing a lot of damage.

I also bought two of the lipsticks, Enamoured – a soft reddish pink and Coy – a light nude pink. I constantly have dry lips so I try not to wear matte lipsticks (tragic, I know) so I though these would give a matte affect without being too drying.
I love both the colours, especially Coy but they do show up my dry, flaky lips. I’m really disappointed, but I think I will continue to use them with a lot of lip preparation first. I guess I’d have to use a lip scrub and then a lip balm before using the lipsticks, which is a lot of work.
The lipsticks are actually in pencil form, which I think I have to sharpen. This will probably annoy me, especially when I’m carrying them around with me in my handbag and need to sharpen them. I don’t think I know anyone who carries a sharpener round with them. Saying that, the smaller nib allows easier application.
The colours are gorgeous, but they don’t stay on for long. I guess with a good base & on healthy, non chapped lips they would last longer.

L-R: Topshop Lipstick in Coy and Enamoured.

To be honest, I’m slightly disappointed in these products. I’ve raved about Topshop makeup before and these don’t really live up to the hype. I do love the lipsticks, but for my dry lips they’re not the best.

What are your thoughts on the products?



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22 March, 2011
  • ooh i love the pattern on the cheek duo, its a shame that theres no colour payoff. coy is a pretty colour but i have really dry lips too so i’ll steer clear of this one. i think that the topshop permanent range of makeup is generally a lot higher quality than the special collections but maybe thats just me x

  • What blush are you wearing in those pictures? I love the colour. Also, I love the look of the lipsticks, so I’ll definitely check them out when I have some money haha <3

  • I didn’t really like the lipstick either, for exactly the same reason as you – I thought it was just me! It does look nice in the pictures though! xx

  • The colours look gorgeous on you!! The blush/bronzer duo look gorgeous in the tin. I’ve only ever used a few from their range, dunno whether the new collection is worth getting :/ xx

  • You’re stunning!
    I love the colours of these lipsticks, I think they really suit you actually!
    What blush are you wearing in the pictures?

  • The bronzer looks gorgeous! I was thinking of getting the Sandstorm glosses, I really love the colours of them. Haven’t tried the lipsticks but I’m like you and have perma-dry lips so I try to avoid anything to heavy or drying. Will steer clear of those I think.

  • Blusher/Bronzer isn’t something I wear but they do look really pretty in the pics!

  • Ooh I love that lipstick in Coy – plus it looks totally gorgeous on you!
    Never tried Topshop make up but think I’m gonna check it out now πŸ™‚ xx

  • I so almost bought that blush/bronzer duo the other day but decided on the models own one instead!

    Haa I carry a sharpener in my bag with me :/ I don’t really know why because I hardly ever use it.

    I usually have really dry lips too. I got the no7 lipstick yesterday and it’s really nice, I didn’t find it too drying.

    Chloe… x

  • You look gorge! I especially love Coy, such a pretty colour… just not sure if I’d spend the money if I’m gonna have to reapply throughout the day (I’m lazy).

  • nav

    Aww you’re so pretty! I love your posts! I prefer the Enamoured lippy but if they’re not for dry lips I’ll probably give them a miss!

    Check out my giveaway on:

    Much love x

  • I have never tried the make up range so I cant comment on that…..your eyes are amazing! WOW! πŸ™‚

  • i like coy the best. very cute.

    january, x

  • I’ve never tried this collection, but that blusher/bronzer duo looks amazing! I can’t wait to give it a go! You look pretty as always! Xx

  • The blush your wearing in the pics, looks gorgeous on you! x

  • you look soooo stunning! what blusher are you wearing in the pictures?xxx

  • Jessica

    When i first bought Coy, i had the same problem as you and it kind of got put at the bottom of my lipstick bag. However yesterday i went to Superdrug and bought the ‘Sleek’ tinted lip conditioner in Sugar May (New Spring/Summer collection).
    Putting this on top of the Coy lipstick is the PERFECT combination. It makes Coy look glossy and not matte/dry looking. It feels really moisturising and smells great.
    For Β£4.49 you must try it out! x

  • Sid

    i love topshops makeup range too


  • :O You managed to get that sandstorm duo?! I can’t find it anywhere πŸ™

  • Love the look at r photo:)

  • Your makeup looks lovely! What are you wearing on your cheeks? Are you weraing the bronzing duo by Topshop? Your cheeks look lovely! Im a new follower and love your blog, its so refreshing to come across a new blog xx

  • do you think coy is similar to NARS bolero? I saw in another post that you have that one too, so I was wondering if you think they’re comparable… love the blog by the way! super clean layout and really interesting content, I like your style!